5 of the BEST Arclight Rumble dungeon relics! (Beta 2022)

Written by SgtSlade

Best dungeon talents - Beta 2022

After attempting a few dungeon runs players may wonder if their choices were as efficient as they could be. Hopefully today we'll answer this question with your 5 best dungeon relics in Warcraft: Arclight Rumble

Lore Keeper's Ring

Effect: Every third Troop you draw costs 1 less
What else is there to say? This relic allows you to pick up the tempo against your oponent and fits with every available deck out there, which makes it extremely strong.

Really big candle

Effect: Your Kobolds gain +25 levels.
You might think "Wait, what? A kobold relic? Is this a joke?", but listen to this! With this talent your kobold becomes a miniature tank able to withstand the oponents attempts and countering your gold income AND it becomes extremely good at taking tower if he's not countered or contested.

Howling warband

Effect: On death, your minis grant Bloodlust to nearby allied minis
Bloodlust increases attack speed and movement speed by 33%. In other words it's a really strong overall effect, but the catch is, not many things grant it. And when they do it's under quite specific circumstances. With this relic Bloodlust is really easy to pop off. This helps your overall dps and can allow your slow tanks to keep up the pace in front of your other units!

Ranger's Flask & Steady Shot

Effects: Your ranged units attack 30% faster & Your ranged units deal increasing damage with each attack, reseting on movement
This is a joint entry, seeing as they both do a simillar job, and paired together they can be extremely deadly against high health bosses. 30% attack speed buff is a great vanilla improvement to many ranged units you may put in your decks, making it a universally good talent.

Faction specific summoning buffs

Effect: Deploying a faction miniature, spawns a special unit at your base
These buffs only become really goodafter you've put 2 or 3 units of a specific faction into your deck. These include...

  • Orgrimmar Commendation
  • Stormwind Commendation
  • Stranglethorn Commendation
  • Stratholme Commendation
  • Shadowforge city Commendation

Being able to summon an additional unit at your base for absolutely no cost is really powerful at applying preassure onto your opponent. The Blackrock whelps can be especially useful seeing as they add a great layer of protection against tanks in a pinch!

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