Arclight Surge, The new Gamemode! - Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Written by Slade

In this article we'll try to cover the vast extense of the new 0.9.3 Warcraft Arclight Rumble patch including mini balancing, player experience updates and a new gamemode, the Arclight Surge!

New Feature - The Arclight Surge

The new mode is here and we're here to provide all the details. To quote the development team...

Twice a week, two previously defeated Zones will overload with Arclight energy and create new challenges for you to overcome. Some Surges will create a new map-wide change like triple income or powered up towers. Others change the army you must use to win! Ever wanted to know what it's like to have an army with every Horde and Beast Troop? Ready or not, give it a shot!

It seems to be a new way for player to earn additional coins which has been a requested feature from players. But as for more details on Arclight Surge...

  • Four Zones Surge each week
  • Each mission rewards you with 40 coins
  • One Zone will have a modifier, the other will replace your army
It seems like an awesome way to spend more time with arclight and get repeatable content alongside worthy rewards!

The Patch Notes

What we've covered in this article is just a brief look at what this patch has in store, for detailed patch notes, check out the link below to the official Blizzard Forum Post...

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