Development update and BETA GIVEAWAY

Written by SgtSlade

The development update

After a few months of waiting we got some news from the development team to quench our thirst! Today, on august 11, 10AM PT we got our first bit development update on Warcraft arclight rumble! It states...

We’re energized by how enthusiastic the community is. We’re working hard to build a stable foundation so we can share it with all of you, but we’re not quite there yet.

As we continue with closed beta testing, we plan to progressively add features that are missing from the core experience and periodically add new players. This will continue until the game has a very solid foundation. When we transition from closed beta to soft launch, we will reset progression and continue to add new players. Once the game is stable, and we are confident in our feature and content set, we will enter worldwide launch.

Our 0.9.3 update will include a new recurring PvE mode that will be the primary way to acquire additional Coins, along with iteration on many of the systems in the game. We also have a round of Mini and Talent tweaks incoming!

Subsequent patches will be focused on PvP, third talents, social systems, and end game content, along with consistent iteration on the game as a whole.

Thank you for providing feedback about what currently exists and what you hope to see in the future!

It seems like the Arclight Rumble team has been hard at work preparing for new content and listening to the community. They're preparing new gamemodes to smooth the progression curve and hopefully reduce the grind difficulty.
The other thing worth mentioning are the third talents. A lot of units currently lack some much needed tools to get better. Hopefully these new talent additions will allow us to be more flexible with our units choices!

The whole blogpost can be found down here

The Beta Giveaway

There's one more thing. At the end of the post they announced an official beta access giveaway So what's this contest all about? Well, let's read the information presented by the developers...

Want beta access to Warcraft Arclight Rumble?

To enter 1, give us your most inspirational battle cry and the best entries will receive a Warcraft Arclight Rumble beta invite.

As a reminder, beta invites and game access can only be given from official Blizzard Entertainment sources.

The link to the contest can be found directly below

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