Dungeon Mode in Warcraft Arclight Rumble

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What are the Dungeons in the game?

One of the most exciting content modes in Warcraft Arclight Rumble is Dungeon mode. These Dungeons are PVE content. Players enter a 3-map gauntlet with a single Army and powerful relics.

Which Dungeons are currently available in the game?

In the current Closed Beta version of the game, there are already three dungeons! These are Dire Maul, Deadmines, and Blackfathom Deeps.

How, where, and when can players access the Dungeons?

Players can access Dungeons upon reaching 22 Skulls in the game. Skulls are a system that gates content. Some parts of the game are locked behind acquiring the skulls. The Skulls are gained by beating bosses in the PVE Campaign.

Once the Dungeons are accessible, the players can enter them. This is done by interacting with the Events tab, which has a green portal icon, that can be found at the bottom of the screen.

It is possible that players could achieve 22 skulls but not be able to play the Dungeon mode immediately. The Dungeons are available on a rotation of the three dungeons mentioned above. They are playable for four days, but they have a cooldown between dungeon swaps. During this cooldown period, no player can access the dungeons. Yet, they can use their time to level up their units. This will help them complete higher dungeon difficulty levels when the dungeons become playable again!

What does a player need to know about the encounters?

Each boss's mission has the same system used in the PVE Campaign. Players enter a map and have to attempt killing a boss. The fights are also timed. There are map mechanics such as towers, gold nodes, bridges, and other common features. An important aspect added to the Dungeon mode is the existence of Relics. They are passive effects. Before each boss encounter, players can choose one Relic. They can have a dramatic effect on your Army playstyle and power. An example of a Relic is "Leaching Poison", which makes your single target melee minis gain Lifesteal! In the image below, the displayed Relic is alongside the other two options. The players can only pick one per row, so they must choose what works best with their Army!

How do the Dungeon mode levels and difficulty work?

The Dungeons are more difficult based on your level and completion rate. If a player completes a Dungeon at Level 18, the Dungeon will recombobulate (reset) and refresh at Level 19. The level change will reflect the power of the UI units. The players will now have a chance to grab more rewards, in the form of a currency called Valor. This will be further explained later in the article. In order for a Dungeon Level to rise, the player needs to complete the three boss missions in the same run! There is a total of two resurrection Scrolls per run, gained by killing the first two bosses of the Dungeon. They will give players extra attempts to kill the bosses upon failure. Scrolls of Resurrection are important. The Dungeon starts again from scratch after the player exhaust all the available tries to complete the run.

What happens when a player can't beat bosses and progress further?

If a player fails to beat a Dungeon run, there are different scenarios to consider:

  • Scenario 1 - A Player killed Deadmines level 10 before the Dungeon went on cooldown. Some days later, the Dungeon returns, but now the player's average Army Level is higher, so the Dungeon shows up with a baseline Level 18. This means that if the player clears Level 18, the player will gain a considerable amount of Valor. This is because the player will collect all the Valor currency as a reward from Levels 11 to 18 combined. Immediately after, the Dungeon will recombobulate to Level 19. There is a potential for extra rewards if completed before the Dungeon rotates out. If the player fails to beat Level 19, the Dungeon will stay at Level 19. This is because the player already collected all possible Valor rewards from the previous 18 Levels.
  • Scenario 2 - A Player killed Deadmines level 10 before the Dungeon went on cooldown. Some days later, the same Dungeon returns. Now the player's average Army Level is higher, so the Dungeon shows up with a baseline Level 18. The Player fails to beat the Dungeon. After recombobulation, the Player will now see that the Dungeon is level 17! This is a way for the game to adjust the difficulty for the player. At lower valor rewards, as the valor from the Level 18 completion is now removed from the level 17 run potential rewards. The Levels would keep going down until Level 11, as the Player already completed Level 10. If the Player in this scenario cleared the Dungeon at level 16, the player would collect valor rewards from Levels 11 to 16 combined! The Dungeon would now recombobulate to level 17, with the potential for extra rewards if completed before the Dungeon rotates out.

What are the rewards for completing Dungeon bosses, and where to use them?

Completing Dungeon runs grants a currency called Valor. Valor is spent in the Panel shown below, which is accessed by interacting with your Leader avatar window, in the Army tab. Valor allows the player to increase the level of its minis. There are certain considerations that players must have to optimize the selection of Valor slot traits. Examples of such traits are Tank, Ranged, Flying, etc. This is outside the scope of this guide, and should merit a separate Valor guide! Valor is very important, as it adds up to three levels to all units currently in your decks (with a matching valor trait). This increase of three levels can be crucial to completing PVE content. Valor has no impact on PVP content in this game).


This guide provides the foundation to understand the Dungeon mode in Warcraft Arclight Rumble. The mode provides players with a fun experience. There is an opportunity to theorycraft different Army and Relics combinations. It is now time to push those Dungeon levels and grab those precious Valor rewards. Stay tuned for more game guides and have fun exploring this fantastic game!

If you want to learn more about WAR's Dungeon mode, check the available video from the Arclight Insights channel.

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