Alliance phalanx

S.A.F.E Pilot on top of squishy enemies to take good trades. Stack up gold to 10 and time a chest opening right before you get 10 gold. Chests spawn every 45 seconds after they are opened, always look at the timer when chests are opened. S.A.F.E Pilot to open chests before the enemy. Use Footmen behind your base and spawn a Shaman to start healing up Fortifications talent. Spawn a Tirion next. When they use Elemental damage on your group Holy Nova to gain Resistance. Use Execute when you need to finish off dangerous minis like, Abomination(can hook your Shaman, has AOE), Elemental casters. If you have Bloodthirsty unlocked, hit as many of your own troops as you can. Send more healers and/or huntresses from shorter ways to join the main group if you have the gold and they can catch up.