Jaina spellcleave

The goal of this deck is to whittle down the enemy boss/base with spells and unbound units. In PvP unbound units don't work on main base, only on towers. Only use spells when you have Jaina on the battlefield since she will increase the level of them by 3. Don't use a mini after playing Jaina since then you won't be utilizing her Clearcasting talent. S.A.F.E Pilot can easily open any chests and kill squishies with the landing damage. You can also spam her on top of bosses after you get Stealth talent for big damage. Spawn Whelp Eggs on top of enemies after you unlock Flame Burst talent. Can also be used on bosses after unlocking the talent. After the boss bursts the Eggs spawn a Quillboar closer than the Eggs to pull aggro and keep the Whelps alive. Harvest Golem could be put in the tank slot as well especially after you get the stun talent, you can have S.A.F.E Pilot and/or Jaina behind it for a deadly combo. Use spells on top of towers/bosses when enemy spawns units near them to get amazing value. Blizzard/Arcane Blast first and when enemies are half health use execute to get a 2 gold execute next time. Arcane blast talent is Torrent, for some reason it doesn't save.