Maiev unbound

Open chests with S.A.F.E Pilot/Quillboar/Skeleton Party. Whelp Eggs with Flame Burst or S.A.F.E Pilot to take positive trades. Once you have 10 gold and ideally can open a chest at the same time use Whelp Eggs on boss followed by Quillboar so the boss focuses the Quillboar instead of the hatched Whelps. If it spawns any units Blizzard to freeze enemy troops and/or Execute to Bloodlust your own ones. Use Maiev whenever she costs 1 gold with a Quillboar tanking. S.A.F.E Pilot and/or Execute can be used for Raw poke damage as well. Skeleton Party with Ritual of Rime is mostly for air defence against Gargoyle, other air units and bridge/high ground control. Level focus Whelp Eggs>Quillboar>Blizzard>S.A.F.E Pilot>Execute>Skeleton Party>Leader